From the Desk of Mrs. Stacey

Dear Parents and Guardians of Elizondo Elementary Students,

When you walk, ride, or drive to and from Elizondo Elementary to drop off or pick up your child/children at the end of the day, please follow the traffic laws in and around our campus.  We need your help to keep dismissal safe and orderly for everyone.

Please help us with the following while:

  • Do not enter or park in bus zones
  • Do not park in front of fire hydrants
  • Do not leave your parked vehicle in red zones
  • Do not speed; the speed limit around the school is 15 mph
  • Do not proceed through crosswalks until all students are on the curb
  • Do not double park or park illegally on any road bordering the school

Parents, please say goodbye and stay at the gates when dropping off and picking up your students. This will help us here at Elizondo Elementary with ensuring that strangers and non-guardians are not entering campus unobserved. We want each one of our students to feel safe at school. Thank you for your help with the safety of our campus. Working together, we can make sure that students entering the school campus and dismissing from campus are safe and are behaving in an appropriate and orderly way.


We appreciate YOU!

Chris Stacey, Principal

Elizondo Elementary School